As energy bills sky-rocket, and as net-zero fast approaches, many businesses are starting to think about how to reduce costs and protect the environment and yet still engage audiences and shoppers with high performing Digital Signage and other Consumer Engagement Technologies. At GSL we have worked tirelessly to develop GSL XEN, the leading technology platform that offers full remote control and monitoring of all DOOH, Digital Signage, LCD, LED Displays and other Retail Technologies.  Using our platform, environmentally aware and cost-conscious brands are able to make sure that screens are automatically turned off at night, that hardware systems are continuously monitored and remote controlled, and that your campaigns or ads are delivered when and where it matters most to you audience. GSL XEN – the high performance technology platform for both NEW and EXISTING installations. The benefits of putting the GSL XEN Platform at the heart of your strategy are proven to benefit brands with reduced service calls, reduced downtime, and reduced energy bills using our smart power controls.

With just 8 days before the start of the #CAStateFair (, it seemed that everyone had let this customer down. Having seen some of our fantastic work at Macerich Malls, this customer made just one more desperate call – and they’re sure glad they did.

Team GSL were able to onboard this new customer and provide six brand new outdoor digital kiosks, powered by our XEN CMS and NOC Platform and connected to our IoT LTE Network in record time. In less than 8 days from our instruction, when everyone else had said it couldn’t be done, GSL stepped up and delivered.

It’s what we do.