LED Display solutions

GSL partners with leading LED Display manufacturers to bring to market the highest quality, hyper reliable and most cost effective solutions for high impact,  large format, or customised format LED displays for fixed installations.

Our indoor solutions benefit from all-aluminium chassis with front service cabinets combined with panels up to 1200 nits of brightness offering from P1.2 to P2.5 LEDs as little as 28mm thin as a standard range and with a customised range of flexible and curved solutions as required to meet any project requirements.

We pride ourselves on our LED partnerships that offer us unrivalled engineering and design support directly with the manufacturer, with service, maintenance and repair facilities in the United States and the United Kingdom.

All of GSL’s LED solutions are provided with ‘XEN on board’ to provide proactive remote monitoring of all hardware systems, health and status management of power supplies, receive cards, panels and pixel brightness, and the benefits of programmatic remote content management all from GSL’s industry leading platform.