The success story of using digital interactive technology, Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to bring new experiences to shoppers.

Project Synopsis
  • Digital Interactive ‘Makeup Mirror’ offering Augmented Reality virtual makeup experience and Artificial Intelligence Skincare Analysis
  • Custom designed counter-top enclosure with integrated lighting, 4G connectivity and interactive digital screen
  • Customer branded solution

The global pandemic forced the buying and selling of beauty products to become merely transactions. Online sales surged, but not to the kind of levels that replaced the sale of beauty products in retail stores. For one thing, people were staying at home. But more importantly, buying beauty products online was very different than the in-store experience.

Makeup and Beauty Product Shoppers demand engaging experiences from retail stores. They want to touch, to feel and to try products on. They want personalized recommendations for products that are right for their complexion, skin-tone – even their mood.

Smart retailers are embracing technologies to deliver personalized and engaging experiences for Skincare and Makeup to help shoppers find the right products that are tailored to their needs. These smart retailers are best positioned to benefit from growing in-store traffic and shopper loyalty in a post-pandemic world.

This Grocery Retailer with more than 275 stores is embracing technology to bring Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence experiences to help shoppers find the right products that are intelligently personalized.

The Skincare Advisor educates and supports the shopper to discover skincare products, routines and treatments that are tailored to their needs and concerns.

The Virtual Makeup Advisor helps the shopper navigate the beauty decision with personalized guidance to discover and virtually try-on the most suitable makeup products.

Our Solution

In partnership with leaders in creating consumer-powered experiences, Revieve, the team at Ground Support Labs created the next generation of personalized health, beauty and wellness solutions for this Grocery Retailer based on GSL’s scalable and secure platform GSL XEN.

Ground Support Labs XEN Platform was the perfect solution for this brand – with industry leading secure Content Management, a Proactive Monitoring Network Operations Center for reliable operations, and advanced remote observing to give this customer the ultimate peace of mind for large scale deployment of the solution.

The solution required the ability to capture the attention of a shopper, engage them to interact and inspire them to use the solution as a ‘magic mirror’ with a high-resolution camera to take a ‘selfie’ picture for Skincare Analysis, or a high-definition video with augmented makeup products for virtual try-on.

GSL set about designing this solution using a highly responsive interactive display technology with GSL Connect 4G LTE connectivity built into a custom-made counter-top enclosure.

The enclosure was designed specifically for the beauty product application with LED lighting built in with a color temperature of 4,000k to light up the face of the shopper for detailed AI analysis.

The plug and play solution is ready to go in any store across 188 countries with IoT connectivity over 4G LTE on the GSL Connect platform, offering advanced remote control as well as powerful insights and analytics about shopper preferences and behaviors.

The Results

The highly advanced algorithms within this solution analyze the results of the selfie skin diagnostics to deliver world-class product recommendations for this retailer’s customers. Furthermore, the augmented makeup virtual try-on allows the customer to confidently experiment with, and find the makeup products that fit their complexion, skin tone and mood.

The results are two-fold: For the customer, this provides an in-store experience that engages them and gives them the confidence that the products recommended to them are personalized and tailored. This allows the customer to experiment with different products and explore a different look – even to share the experience with friends. For the retailer, the results arise out of improved customer and brand loyalty now that they feel confident that they are purchasing the right products personalized to their needs. The solution turns browsers into loyal buyers.

From a technology perspective, the solution offers plug and play portability, security, and cost effectiveness for wide scale deployment. Rich and insightful data and analytics show the retailer how stores and ranges of products are performing, and help them understand their customer demographic and preferences, and thus can drive additional strategies to further improve their loyalty.

The powerful GSL XEN platform allows the retailer to keep the range of products, prices and associated promotions and campaigns up to date with live content deployment from the Cloud.

This Grocery Retailer has the peace of mind of knowing that the digital in-store experience is delivering, performing, and positively influencing the shopper….all day, every day.

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