The Success Story of several major retail real estate owners with prime locations across the U.S., utilizing digital technology to inform and entice shoppers.

Project Synopsis
  • GSL provides a complete makeover of underperforming DOOH Advertising in major shopping malls
  • GSL XEN Platform provides Proactive Monitoring, Remote Management and total care services
  • GSL demonstrates over 3000 hours of downtime avoided
  • XEN Platform saves over 90 truck rolls

With digital technology including Digital Signage, LED/LCD Screens, Interactive, Mobile, Wayfinding and Augmented Reality solutions, being a prevalent method for businesses to deliver intelligent digital marketing and messaging to shoppers, a key question for real estate owners is

where to turn to when they are no longer receiving the perfect service, support, and appropriate platform for their existing digital installations.

Ad spending is als0 set to increase from $2.72 billion in 2020 to $3.84 billion in 2023 (eMarketer) so a trusted partner is essential.

Some of the largest owners and operators of shopping centers in the United States have technology assets that have been significantly lacking regular maintenance, extensive support, and the confidence that their content and wayfinding software was working and functioning properly at each location.

Several of these operators needed a managed services partner that could offer an efficient and effective Maintenance and Warranty Program and superior levels of support to significantly improve up-time for all indoor and outdoor digital signage as well as a scalable system that could seamlessly add new endpoints to the growing signage platform.

As people flood back to the malls as retail and entertainment venues bounce back, property and media owners need that peace of mind that their kiosks and digital screens are working, their content and ads are playing as scheduled, and their wayfinding software is functioning and working properly on one unified system.

Our Solution

Ground Support Labs’ specialty is the ability to deliver and support multiple consumer engagement technologies on one cohesive platform – GSL XEN. By using XEN as a cost effective and high-performance infrastructure, GSL was able to migrate all digital screen assets across hundreds of properties over to the platform in less than two months. Our own personnel and trusted third party technicians around the United States touched every site, diagnosed the equipment, logged what needed to be replaced and seamlessly transitioned over the digital signage platform to XEN without any disruption to the client.

The well-executed migration plan set GSL up to start delivering for these media and property owners by setting up an installation schedule to fix the technology out in the field that has been damaged, broken, or burnt out.

A clear strategy was essential; ideate, and execute a seamless migration, takeover all existing warranties, migrate connectivity, establish a plan to ensure the tech reaches and/or exceeds its lifecycle by forming a bi-annual maintenance and cleaning plan for the exterior directories, and identify and resolve pre-existing hardware issues.

After the migration was completed, the media and property owners can now take advantage of the industry leading proactive monitoring and remote management of NOC built into the GSL XEN Platform to ensure optimum levels of uptime. The inclusion of a state-of-the-art ticketing system for rapid GSL support, reassures the customer that all enquiries and incidents are dealt with consistently, professionally, and rapidly. With the added benefit of a customer portal with live updates, it allows the stakeholders to remain fully informed on the health and status of all assets from beginning to end.

The Results

Building the foundations for a strong partnership between property owners and GSL is essential. The GSL XEN Platform is unmatched providing them with complete peace of mind that their digital installations have been future proofed, and their content is current and proactive monitoring works 24*7 to ensure the highest uptimes possible. Shoppers visiting their top retail premises are no longer greeted with blank or malfunctioning digital installations. There is now a synergy between the carefully crafted surroundings and the technology. The GSL package opens up the playing field for future digital installation growth.

If your digital installations require a complete makeover look no further than Ground Support Labs.

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