The success story of a global leader in digital services showcasing their portfolio in state-of-the-art demonstration centres.

Project Synopsis
  • Audio Visual Support Services
  • Service Level Agreement with 30-minute response times
  • Total Remote Management and Proactively Monitored by GSL XEN and with the backup of an unlimited Onsite Care Plan
  • Fully Managed Support Services, with reportable ticket metrics, performance and root cause analysis for recurring problems

For businesses at the forefront of digital technology, being ahead of the curve and standing out in a crowded market is vitally important. And with that comes the understanding that to attract and engage with their clients, they not only require industry leading technology, but cohesive and collaborative spaces to interact within.

It is essential for these spaces to be accessible, ergonomic, and interactive in person. However, with workplaces having transformed in the last few years, we now have a greater requirement for tried and tested, collaborative, remotely inclusive spaces.

For one such multinational telecommunications company, creating a space that could tick all the boxes in terms of effective collaboration in person and remotely was a necessary requirement.

As part of their goals, they needed to have confidence that the rooms, facilities, and systems within their globally distributed Centre’s would be operational when they are needed. Uptime, performance, and reliability of the systems was of upmost importance.

Our Solution

A trusted partner was required who could scope, design, deliver, and support the solution to achieve these goals. A partner highly experienced in Project Managing, delivering, and supporting bespoke and complex digital AV solutions internationally – and with highly responsive service levels through total remote management backed up by fully inclusive onsite care.

The scalable solution could be installed in 1 room, multiple rooms and in numerous global locations, a solution that could be used and supported both in-person and remotely.

Ground Support Labs are experts in delivering and scaling technology for global brands and corporations with over 50 years of combined experience in recommending, building, deploying, and supporting various types of technologies in multiple sectors.

We understood the nature of the businesses Customer Experience Centre’s and Customer Showcases, and the importance of attaining the highest levels of operational availability through a deep understanding of the deployed technologies combined with a true partnership approach with the customer.

We further understood the role of the Customer Sales & Showcase teams and how to work with them in a highly responsive manner at 1st and 2nd line support to achieve lightning-fast workarounds or fixes to reduce the impact of technology problems on customer demonstrations as much as possible.

We understood the importance of having an intimate knowledge of the systems, configurations and capabilities of the technologies that are used in the Centre’s.

We understood the importance of tracking performance of the rooms and the operational performance of the technologies and providing accurate reports and dashboards showing both incidents and recurring problems that require a permanent corrective action.

To provide the highest levels of support for the customer team, we formed an integration between the AV Control Systems and our Service NOC to provide an effective, reportable, Self-Help Portal for the Customer team and to provide an online knowledge base and service hub to make help requests simple, effective, and fast.

The Results

The success of this solution is reported through the positive feedback received by the end users who are enjoying response times averaging under ten minutes and same-day resolutions to issues of over 80%. They are happy with the solution provided, the capabilities of the systems and the responsiveness and level of service being provided by the GSL team.

The collaborative spaces have succeeded in providing a launch pad for the business to successfully provide intelligence and insights to their clients both in person and remotely. They are not only showcasing their business services, but that they are leading the way with cutting edge, forward thinking, inclusive technology.

With Quarterly reviews built in, GSL are able to review Service Performance against customer goals. Both Incident and Problem analysis are discussed at each review together with recommendations and matters arising. This has provided the business with complete insight into the day to day and overall functionality and performance of their centres with the benefit of complete peace of mind that GSL are dedicated to providing unmitigated support


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