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Our team has been delivering intelligent consumer engagement solutions for the past 13 years into over 46 countries for major global brands. We work in seamless harmony with your shop-fitter through both the design and delivery phases to ensure a seamless integration of engaging technologies into furniture and set-work.

Our team has been delivering global visual communications solutions for one of the largest armed forces in the world. With soldiers and families stationed in remote or overseas locations, the goals of our client are to use a blend of global corporate messaging with local information that informs, educates and engages audiences wherever they are.



Our platform for Out of Home Advertising provides all of the content management, scheduling and reporting you could ever desire, but that’s not all…. Our platform incorporates both Supply Side (SSP) and a Demand Side (DSP) elements that are integrated with our CMS for OOH networks.

Our solutions for the sales floor include dynamic specification and promotion content based on a Kiosk’s proximity to a promoted vehicle, and battery powered LCD totems that offer a portable approach to delivering promotions in these dynamic spaces. Customers can be fully informed as they enquire or configure their dream car.


financial services

We understand your need for security on your network. We know that you want to control when content downloads, and how your bandwidth needs to be protected. We know you need real time data feeds to be compliant in your advertising about interest rates and terms.

According to research, engagement in the workplace is the biggest driver to productivity. We believe that messaging can flow in all directions across the business using a digital platform. This important philosophy maintains adoption and keeps eyes on the content for those all important messages that influence behavior and performance in the workplace.



Virtual Check-in, Mobile Communications, virtual concierge as well as upselling and cross selling to visitors, and informing them about their visit with Wayfinding, Local attractions, Events and even the Restaurant Menu. Our solutions can check in the guest, advertise in the bar, way-find the direction, book conference facilities, show itineraries and so much more.