The Success Story of a traditional brand spanning 50 years of design, utilizing digital technology to inform and entice shoppers.

Project Synopsis
  • 75” LG UHD Displays
  • Migration project from legacy USB Stick Media to a fully remote managed and controlled platform
  • GSL XEN CMS and Support services providing total care and proactive monitoring
  • Two iconic locations in Marylebone and Chelsea, London

Traditional retailers understand the importance of utilizing digital technologies to engage and inform shoppers about their latest designs and promotions, but can they incorporate such strategies at the same time as maintaining their dedication to their enduring classic design? Also, can digital technology harmonize with the unique and historic architecture of their stores? The Conran Shop understood that their target audience not only needed to be informed about their blended designs and exclusive services, but that communication of promotional offers would be key to increased footfall. 

This retailer’s ambition was to provide an unparalleled experience that goes above and beyond the normal shopper journey- to create an upmarket store layout and environment for the shopper, showcasing their curated design icons whilst tailoring the content to their shopper demographic. In key locations they wanted to display superior quality looping digital content to attract and engage with the consumer whilst including the ability to update the content quickly and with ease. 

This missing component was finding a partner who understood the market the retailer worked in and was able to offer a high-quality solution with advanced functionality at an affordable price. The partner had to have the capability to support both their London and Paris locations. 

Our Solution

Ground Support Labs XEN Platform was the perfect solution for this brand. The CMS allows for easy management of campaigns of different media types to multiple display formats. It accommodates the use of Dynamic Programming to automatically play content based on location, data feed or tags associated with the campaign and matched to display locations. 

Publish Workflows allow for full control and approval of campaigns by authorised users prior to playout, and scheduled downloads of new campaigns allows for the efficient use of networks and bandwidth. 

GSL leveraged its extensive manufacturer relationships to procure top spec screens and high performance, budget conscious, media players perfect for this solution, without compromising quality. GSL’s installation team seamlessly installed the equipment and connected all components to the GSL Platform, providing a turnkey CMS and Support solution. 

With a simple monthly subscription fee to the CMS Platform, The Conran Shop received the perfect digital signage platform at the perfect price. 

The Results

The Conran Shop have achieved their goal, to display exclusive, superior digital marketing content across multiple screens in varying locations. The solution allows them to capture their existing digital marketing campaigns and mould the content to the in-store environment thus creating a synergy between the virtual and the physical. 

The high-quality screens and media players successfully met their desire to have stand out, impactful video content interspersed with static photographic content playing seamlessly. 

GSL’s CMS platform has also allowed the retailer to keep their choice range of products and associated promotions and campaigns up to date with content deployment carried out online both live and in advance. In addition, with player monitoring built in, the real-time health of the media players is valuably monitored remotely 24/7. 

The Conran Shop have primarily gained peace of mind of knowing that day in day out, the digital in-store experience is delivering, performing, and positively influencing the shopper throughout the ever-changing retail landscape. 

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