The Success Story of one highly recognised global brand using digital interactive technology as part of a Taste & Discover experience for shoppers.

Project Synopsis
  • GSL Designed and Built Interactive Content Experience to help shoppers learn about coffee recipes
  • A Phygital Experience blending the Physical and the Digital – the shopper learns from an interactive screen while brewing a real cup of coffee
  • GSL XEN Remotely Managed and Supported Solution with built in Analytics to report on shopper preferences and behaviours

Savvy FMCG brands understand that the in-store retail experience can deliver something for shoppers that online never can – the opportunity to Taste & Discover the brand’s products. 

Where better than at the shelf, surrounded by products and accessories, for the shopper to experience the product, learn about the brand, the product origins, sustainability and be educated about the best way to prepare and consume the brand’s products? 

For a well-known Coffee Brand, facilitating the ability to brew a real cup of coffee in the latest capsule machine, and at the same time delivering a rich and engaging digital interactive experience to share Coffee recipes, demonstrate machine operating instructions and inspirational content about the origins of the flavours and the values of the brand, is another level of customer engagement. 

 This Coffee Brand needed much more for their boutique stores than lavish in-store displays, or chaotic unsynchronised linear video playing on multiple screens around the stores – what they needed was a personal digital content experience delivered one-to-one to the shopper while they brewed their own cup of coffee from the latest range of machines. 

They needed a solution that could subtly educate the shopper about the brand, the coffee machines, share ideas about different coffee recipes and tell a story about the origins of the coffee flavours. To be able to evolve the experience was key to attracting a repeat audience with new recipes and adaptable content updates. 

At the same time, they needed a solution that could produce rich and insightful data and analytics to help them enhance their understanding of the shopper journey and preferences. 

Our Solution

The solution needed to be built on one of the most advanced digital technology platforms for retail-ready robustness, ease of deployment, industry leading remote management and support, proactive monitoring, and with the provision of powerful insights and shopper behaviour analytics. 

A turnkey solution comprising of Hardware, Software, Content, Design, and Implementation Services was needed. 

Ground Support Labs XEN Platform was the perfect solution for this brand. With industry leading Content Management Software, a Proactive Monitoring Network Operations Centre for reliable operations, and advanced Analytics, Intelligence and Reporting all built-in as standard. 

GSL designed the interactive content experience and hosted the content on our GSL XEN platform for delivery to a range of specially secured iPads in each store. The retail-ready ‘kiosk mode’ locked by GSL XEN ensures that the iPads are dedicated to the delivery of the Taste & Test experience and cannot be used (or abused) for any other purpose. They can also be remote monitored, managed, and deliver shopper data and insights reporting over either the Store Wi-Fi or our own GSL XEN CONNECT LTE network (depending upon the store). 

The Results

For the shopper, this provides a unique boutique experience with technologies that engage with a specific purpose – giving them the reassurance that the products recommended to them are exactly to their taste. This also allows the shopper to experiment with different products and explore the wider offerings from the brand with confidence in the Taste & Discover process. 

For the retailer, the solutions drive improved brand experience and loyalty from the shopper. The solution turns browsers into loyal buyers with an experience they will want to try time and time again. 

The powerful GSL XEN platform allowed the brand to benefit from the shopper journey and preference analytics enabling them to make effective and targeted product and marketing strategies. 

GSL’s advanced remote control and monitoring is providing the brand with peace of mind that the customer experience is being taken care of without disruption to the smooth operation of the boutique, or the risk of costly service calls for any problems down the road. 

These first of its kind Boutique stores have ultimately embraced and blended a digital in-store experience alongside an experience of the senses. 

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