The success story of how sbe Lifestyle Hospitality used cutting edge technologies to elevate their world class chefs.

Project Synopsis
  • Luxury Food Court Environment with high impact LED and LCD Technologies
  • Six custom designed P2.5 Curved Column Wrap LED Screens
  • Menu Board Screens
  • Content designed and produced by GSL

sbe Lifestyle Hospitality is an established innovative leader in the food and hospitality industry. They offer the latest eating trends, they highlight their brands with big name chefs, and they embrace using technology to increase their brand awareness.

sbe’s new initiative called C3 (Creating Culinary Communities) is a cutting-edge food and beverage platform that consists of limited-service culinary brands. C3 is focused on disrupting the food and beverage industry by rapidly evolving customer preferences such as Food Halls, ghost kitchens, and mobile delivery. It is no coincidence that sbe understands the importance of adding best-in-class technology to complement their food and beverage initiatives, promote their offerings, increase their ROI, and elevate their world class chefs.

sbe began breaking ground on Citizens, a state-of-the-art Food Hall in the heart of Manhattan West Hudson Yards in 2019. Citizens features stunning full-service restaurants, multiple bars, and a full range of fast-casual dining and beverage options. What Sbe needed now was a turnkey digital signage platform in the Food Hall that would match the aesthetic and futuristic elegance of their brands. After months of discovery and ideation with sbe and their designers, the signage strategy was broken down into three phases:

Attract & Engage

Unique & Innovative

Clear & Precise Menu Messaging

Our Solution

As a specialist full-service digital technology partner, the team at Ground Support Labs understands the importance of not just procuring and installing hardware, but how to ensure the complete technology solution brings out the cohesive message from sbe’s strategy. A Turnkey solution from GSL, as experts in using class leading technologies for audience engagement was needed. 

Ground Support Labs XEN Platform was the perfect solution for the heart of this turnkey strategy, with industry leading Content Management Software, a Proactive Monitoring Network Operations Center for reliable operations, and advanced Analytics, Intelligence and Reporting all built-in as standard. 

The GSL XEN Platform thus provided Sbe with a technology agnostic solution – allowing free-reign creativity in choosing class-leading technologies such as LED and LCD displays, high bright solutions for window facing menu-boards, column wrap displays and brand messaging displays to present a perfect opportunity to show off the incredible food and beverage options to entice the hungry customer to enter the restaurant. 

When a customer walks into the building, their eyes quickly turn to a handful of impressive floor to ceiling columns scattered across the building. GSLs concept was to wrap these columns with seamless curved LED displays to present a canvas of content that wrapped around each of the columns to create an impressive multi-dimensional atmosphere in the space. The choice of GSL’s bespoke P2.5 curved LED was the only product capable of wrapping the diameter of these particular columns, and it gave sbe ample flexibility to design a content plan that would wow their customers and lure them to stay longer in the food hall by enjoying the innovation of their surroundings. 

In addition to the column wraps, LCD display Menu Boards are mounted from both the ceiling and the wall, and through the GSL XEN platform they allow each food service provider to easily administer their menus daily, as well as showcase specials and give further options for traditional advertising and looping engaging content. 

The Results

As businesses come back to the office, Citizens is becoming a digital attraction that gets more popular as time goes on. The digital signage allows sbe to increase their interactions with customers and broaden their message through this innovative Food Hall. Further phases are underway to integrate the menu items as data objects in our XEN Platform for a more seamless backend experience with dynamic promotions menu changes and pricing. With this integration, XEN can help analyze which food and beverage items are ordered more frequently and can measure the success of specialty items. 

The opportunities are truly endless with XEN as we strive to meet our client’s goals in a variety of different avenues. 

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